Bridget Tooley


Instagram/Twitter/Blog: @bridgettooley


Hometown: Frisco, TX

Date of Birth:  June 16, 2002

Years racing:  4 years of road ad cyclocross, 3 years of track and 2 year of mountain biking

Top 5 results: 

  •  2018 US Cyclocross Nationals: 3rd (15-16)

  • 2018 US Track Nationals: 1st Team Pursuit (15-18), 2nd Madison (15-18), Scratch Race (15-16), 3rd Individual Pursuit & Points Race (15-18)

  • 2019 US Marathon MTB National Champion (W17-18)

  • 2018 U23 Women Pan-American Cyclocross Championship, 9th overall (4th amongst U.S. Women)

  • Podium Finishes at Nationals in 4 Different Disciplines in 2018 (CX, Track, MTB, Road)

Pre-race ritual/Superstition:   If possible, I like to do a lot of pre-riding the day before a race. Then on race day I do a brief pre-ride to check course conditions and choose my tires and pressure. I usually warm-up about an hour before my race, and I like to be one of the first people at the start line.

Race Day Breakfast: Usually some combination of oats, peanut butter and banana.

Favourite Course:  Silver Goose in Midland, Ontario

Most memorable cycling experience: The 2018 Resolution 'Cross Cup, Day 2. I've been able to bunny hop barriers for a couple of years now, but I had never done it in a big race. I decided during the pre-ride that I was going to bunny hop the barriers on every lap. The first time through the barriers there was a lot of traffic, but I just went for it, and I moved up six places from 14th to 8th. The crowd by the barriers went nuts. Word spread that I was bunny hopping, and each lap the crowd by the barriers grew. I ended up getting 6th, my best finish in a UCI race. The following weekend at Ruts n' Guts, I bunny hopped the barriers and rode both sets of stairs on every lap.

I got into cycling because ... I started off in tennis and swimming. Some swimmers I knew did triathlons, and I wanted to try triathlon but didn't know how to ride a bike. So at age 10 I got a bike and did a few triathlons. I was a fast swimmer and runner, but I needed to work on my cycling. So I went to my local velodrome to improve my cycling... and here we are four years later.

I’m excited to race with Easton-Giant p/b TLC because ... It's Easton-Giant! I'm on a team with some of the fastest riders in North America! How exciting is that? Easton-Giant is the ideal combination of awesome sponsors, talented riders and a strong team vision. As a young rider, I feel like this is a perfect opportunity for me to learn and grow.

If I’m not riding, I’m .... Shooting and editing video and photos, creating animations and short films. Managing my cat Zolder's social media accounts -- @zolder_the_cat (he has way more followers than I do). Watching classic films.