Garneau - Easton and Renewed CX Merge for 2017/18 Season

For the 2017/18 Season, Garneau - Easton Cycling and Renewed Cyclocross are joining forces! Last year, both Renewed Cyclocross and Garneau - Easton existed as separate entities, but after realizing the values the two programs share, they’ve merged! By adding riders, growing their fan base, and sharing resources, the team is ready to take the new step towards achieving our goal of becoming the top cyclocross team in North America.

Garneau-Easton Cycling racer, Michael van den Ham explains, “Joining up with another cyclocross is a huge opportunity to make the next step for both of our programs. Last season we managed to achieve some pretty great things with our little Canadian team, but joining with Renewed gave us the opportunity to provide the at race support that was missing from our program last year."

More details will be coming out throughout the summer, so stay posted!