Early Season Round Up

Early Season Round-Up

It’s hard to believe it, but September’s warm temperatures have already given way to quickly turning leaves and frosty mornings. Already at the mid-point of the season Red Truck - Garneau p/b Easton Cycling has asserted themselves as the Canadian team to watch at Nationals, the biggest events in North American, and the World Championships. In doing so, we have given the quickly growing Canadian scene something that was previously missing: a team that united Canadian riders as they raced at the highest level and provided a goal for young cyclocross racers to aspire to. 

Locally Engagement, International Exposure  

There is a perception among Elite level cyclocross teams that they need to travel to UCI weekends on all corners of the continent every single weekend in order to compete with the best. With Craig Richey, Michael van den Ham, Raphaël Gagné, and Natasha all taking numerous wins locally and also finding success at UCI races, they have been able to both develop their own skills as some of North America’s top racers and, at the same time, remain engaged in their home cycling communities. No matter where is Canada we race, we are the home-team; no matter where we race, we are Canada’s team.

This success locally has also translated into international results. Buoyed by the incredible support from our Canadian fans, the team has gone toe to toe with the best racers in the world in China, the Las Vegas World Cup, New England, and elsewhere and come out with numerous impressive results.

The biggest event of the year is just around the corner; the National Championships in Winnipeg. Look for multiple Red Truck Garneau p/b Easton riders on the podium this weekend and, if all goes to plan, perhaps you’ll even see them on the top step of the podium! You can watch the races live right here: http://winnipegcx2015.ca/live-stream/

Strong Sponsorship Returns

We have been lucky enough to land some of the best sponsors in the business this year and we know that results are only one small reason why these sponsors have chosen to work with our team. Since day one, one of our primary goals has been to generate strong returns for our sponsors. We’ve focussed on achieving this goal through signing engaging and approachable riders, creating a consistent social media presence, working with the cycling media, and helping our partner companies generate content to highlight their product. 

Although the season is not even half over, the team has already been generating significant buzz from some the the biggest cycling news sources. Linked below are a couple of the most recent examples of this in the media. 

Raphaël Gagné interview in Velonews: 


Craig Richey interview in Pedal Magazine: 


Michael van den Ham interview in Canadian Cycling Magazine: 



Next Season

Although this season seems to have barely begun, we are already looking to move forward and grow the team next year. As we search for more partners next season, we are continually looking for news ways to make sponsoring our team a mutually beneficial relationship. 


Notable Results - Eastern Canada

1st - Serie de Cyclocross Maglia Rosa 1 (Natasha Elliott) 

1st - Serie de Cyclocross Magila Rosa 6 (Natasha Elliott) 

1st - Q-Cup Baie-Saint-Paul (Raphaël Gagné) 

Notable Results - West Coast

1st - Adler Acres CX (Craig Richey) 

1st - Foreshore CX (Craig Richey) 

1st - Whistler Cyclocross Day 1 and 2 (Craig Richey) 

1st - Vanier Park CX (Craig Richey) 

1st - Mahon Park (Craig Richey) 

Notable Results - Alberta

1st - Bici Rodeo 'Cross (Michael van den Ham) 

1st - Red Bike RedCross (Michael van den Ham) 

1st - Pumphouse 'Cross (Michael van den Ham) 

1st - Velocicross (Michael van den Ham) 

Las Vegas World Cup Results

34th (Natasha Elliott)

42nd (Craig Richey)

60th (Michael van den Ham)

UCI Race Results

7th - Qiansen Trophy Station 1 (Craig Richey) 

8th - Providence Cyclocross Festival Day 1 (Raphaël Gagné) 

8th - Trek CXC Cup Day 2 (Craig Richey) 

9th - Providence Cyclocross Festival Day 1 (Michael van den Ham) 

10th - Grand Prix of Gloucester Day 1 (Raphaël Gagné) 

11th - Gran Prix of Gloucester Day 2 (Natasha Elliott) 

14th - Qiansen Trophy Station 2 (Craig Richey) 

14th - Gran Prix of Gloucester Day 2 (Raphaël Gagné) 

15th - Trek CXC Cup Day 1 (Craig Richey) 

15th - Providence Cyclocross Festival Day 2 (Raphaël Gagné) 

16th - Providence Cyclocross Festival Day 2 (Michael van den Ham)