Ben Gomez Villafane


Team Role: Rider

Instagram/Twitter: @bengomezvillafane


Hometown: Esquel, Argentina

Date of Birth: June 18, 2000

Years racing:  6

Top Results: 

  • 2018 Junior National Champion
  • 2017 Junior Pan American Champion
  • 13th - 2018 Hoogerhiede World Cup



Pre-race ritual/Superstition: I typically like to do at least 3 laps of pre-riding at different speeds to find the right lines, warm up to some proper tunes to get me hyped up, and re-run laps of the course in my head while doing breathing exercises while waiting for my call up.

Race Day Breakfast: Historically it has been a 3-egg omelette with ham and cheese, orange juice, and something on the side like toast or rice to get some carbs in too! 

Favourite Course: Tough one, either 2016 Nationals in Asheville, NC or the Zonhoven Super Prestige! 

Most memorable cycling experience: Although there are so many good ones, it would probably be my win at the 2018 US Cyclocross Nationals because it was the first time my parents were at a national championship, and they got to see me win! Not to mention it was another amazing race on top of an already great season. 

I got into cycling because ... I saw a youtube video of Marcelo Gutierrez doing an urban mountain bike race which got me thinking “I want to do that!” , but I grown up with 3 older siblings who were already racing cyclocross and mountain biking so it was really just a matter of time before the bug caught on.

Fun Fact : I used to actually hate going out and riding bikes on the trails before I was 12! 

I’m excited to race with Garneau - Easton p/b TLC because ... I believe this program is capable of giving me the right tools for success in my early career to help me develop into a better athlete. Having very experienced teammates will be a huge bonus because having peers and mentors who I can learn from is big!

If I’m not riding, I’m .... Getting people stoked on bikes at MikesBikes of Los Gatos, messing around with my cameras, or streaming movies on Netflix while laying in bed because if that isn’t proper rest & recovery then I don’t know what is!