Although the team merged with Renewed Cyclocross in 2017, the mission has remained the same and is rooted in these four key objectives: 

1) Building the cyclocross community

2) Developing the next generation of cyclocross racers

3) Helping our athletes achieve peak performances

4) Clean and ethical sport

How have we done? In it’s very two years, the Ethical Racing Project built one of the most successful teams in North American (First Red Truck- Garneau p/b Easton Cycling, Then Garneau - Easton Cycling). To date, the team has won multiple Canadian and USA National Championships, has five UCI wins, over a dozen UCI Podium Appearances, multiple provincial/state championships, and has won nearly every local race one of their racers has started.

The team, however, is about much more than results. In it’s first year the team led multiple cyclocross clinics, helped organize a weekly race series, and remained involved in the local cyclocross community. The Ethical Racing Project believes that good riders can be great role models. All riders selected to the team are committed to ethical sport, have never had a doping or ethically compromising incident, and are active members of their local cycling communities. This team pulls together some of North America’s top cyclocross riders and gives them the support to represent their local cycling communities, fans, sponsors and country at the biggest cyclocross events in their neighbourhood and across the world.